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St Val. is Here Again

Who will you be showing love to this year? There are plenty of people that need it.

We all tend to see St Valentines day as a time for the expression of romantic love, and for many it is. I have a another idea. In a world that is full of consumerism and recession there are many people out there that need to know that someone cares, that would benefit from a little love. Continue reading →

Christmas for some is a time for reflection and endings…..

As we approach the end of the year I am always struck by the amount of people facing their first Christmas without someone that they love. The idea that Christmas is a happy time full of good cheer is partly true but not for everyone. This year is profound for me as three figures from my past have all recently died.

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Pay it forward and ensure your fulfilment

Yesterday Rie reminded me of a movie we had watched together, pay it forward. We decided to watch it again because the concept is not only good but it is also real. If you haven’t seen the movie watch this trailer to get the gist.

If we all paid it forward then we would create heaven on earth and immediately overcome all suffering. The idea used in the film is that of multiples of three. So that if one person looks after three and each of these three look after three, more and more people are looked after. In the film the process is done anonymously, no one ever knows that they are being helped.

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Sorting the good feedback from the bad

I am forever telling people, in all walks of life from managers to housewives, to seek feedback from others and to use this information to develop who you want to be. You see my image of me is as biased as your image of me and it could be that you see me more clearly than I do.

We all know people who see themselves as fat when we see them as slim or just right, or the person who sees themselves as horrible or bad when we see them as normal or good. Then there are people who see themselves as generous when we see them as mean.

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Think about Sex Day – Valentine’s Day

I love this one. I guess that everyday is a national day for something or the other and now February 14 has been designated the ‘Think about Sex Day’ organised by the Sexual Advice Association.

In Britain we are lousy at talking about sex. When it comes to thinking about it we are not too bad. Statistics suggest that men have around nineteen sexual thoughts a day which is twice as many than women. From my work I think that this might be an under estimate, especially where men are concerned. Some of the men I work with would be having thirteen sexual thoughts an hour, or maybe more.

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Will you be my Valentine?

So what will you be getting your loved one this Valentine’s day?

February 14th is a celebration of love, happiness and relationships. Across the world people will be declaring and reaffirming love for each other in a tradition that goes back thousands of years. These different expressions of love will be as varied as the people who express them. Continue reading →

Sex, Population and Happiness

There are some amazing statistics doing the rounds at the moment. The human race yesterday topped the seven billion mark, wow! That means that every hour 15,347 people are born and 6,418 people die. So the human race increases by 149 people every minute of every day. The doorbell just rang. In the time it took me sort that out, six minutes, and I sat down again, the population has increased by 894. Obviously, the precursor to birth is sex and these statistics show that a lot of people are doing “it”.

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What would you not leave home without?

What is it that you ensure that you must have with you everyday? I guess that for most people these days, their mobile phone must be at the top of the list. The things that are most important to us are dependent on what we are doing at that time. Continue reading →

William & Catherine A Focus for Goodwill

I find that I have two opposing sides. The cynical side of me is saying, “My God, people get married everyday, so why all the fuss?” The media are hyping it up and making as big a deal out of it as they possibly can, must be good advertising revenue. The positive emotional side of me is saying, “Wow, how good is that, a positive moment for us all to focus on”. You get the picture?

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