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The picture opposite, by Doug Hyde, hangs on my wall. It describes a lovely ideal where we meet our soul mate and sail off into the sunset to live a life of bliss.

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Why Relationship Counselling?

The basis of any relationship is communication. It is probably the case that love, alone is never enough, to make it work. The word ‘communication’ means to be in a ‘common union’ or ‘to be at one with’. To achieve this, in a relationship, takes understanding, time, commitment and dedication, and sometimes, despite our best efforts it just doesn’t seem to work.

So, what do you do when it isn’t working? In previous generations the attitude was that you stay together come what may, ‘better the Devil you know’ and ‘you’ve made you bed so you will have to lie on it’. Now we have a near 50% rate of split up and people seem less willing to work it out together.

There are alternatives to acrimonious endings?

Conflict resolution – Positive Partings


Sean and Rie Orford, both experienced couple therapists, offer a unique way of working termed ‘four way therapy’. Both Sean and Rie will see couples individually though they will also see couples as a foursome. This involves each partner working individually with either Sean or Rie and then coming together as a foursome to resolve issue. This is both a powerful and dynamic technique that is highly effective.

For those that want to stay together and resolve their issues.

We work with couples who want to overcome problems and develop ways of working and staying together. This often requires an audit, or spring clean of the relationship. Often couples need to complete several steps. the first three are:

  1. Each partner needs to resolve and let go of any past hurts, or resentments that they are holding.
  2. Each partner needs to acknowledge and deal with their own faults.
  3. Each partner needs to feel and accept with gratitude the good things that they have got. Now, we can do the work of building a strong and lasting relationship.

For those that need to part as positively as possible

We work with couples that need to achieve a positive ending, and, yes, it is possible to do that. The steps described above can be just as powerful for a couple needing to part as for a couple seeking to come together. Often, when a relationship comes to a close we need to seek reasons to justify our decision to end it. In finding or creating things to be angry about we can justify our behaviour to our self and to others. When handled well, endings can be positive for both partners and if applicable their children.

When endings are difficult yet decisions need to be made and agreements reached we offer…Mediation
The need to reach agreement is vital when a relationship comes to a close. In mediated settlements both partners can be heard and, as much as possible, have their needs met. Mediation is used to come to agreements on issues involving emotion, children, finance, maintenance, access, property, and so on.

When children are involved it is important to remember that the relationship between the two estranged parents will always, continue in some form or another. If this can be done with civility it benefits all those involved.

When you are the injured party (Individual Therapy)

For many people the possibility of working with their partner is not an option. perhaps they are not there or are unwilling to participate. Whether you are seeking to end or rebuild your relationship individual therapy is useful to equip you with, strategies, skills, and attitudes that will help you achieve you preferred outcome.

Would you rather see a female therapist?

Introducing Sean’s partner, Rie Orford

Rie is a qualified teacher, counsellor and supervisor. Rie’s career has taken her on her own journey of self discovery, with each year full of new people, challenges and exciting opportunities. For Rie life is all about love,  her passion and purpose is to work with others to achieve this for themselves.

On a day to day basis Rie is very fortunate to be able to help patients and their families who are either living with or recovering from cancer. Couples when one of them is faced with a life threatning illness react in different ways, I work with the couple to gain new insight and awareness into their way of relating and coping strategies.

It was due to this work that Rie decided to specialise in couple counselling and team up with Sean to combine their experience.

In a safe enviroment each person can bring their own perspectives on the problem(s) they face in their relationship. Couples I see arrive usually because they are “stuck” or because they are arguing all the time or one or both partners have had or is contemplating an affair. I can help you to explore your options iwth the possibility for change. Enabling you to take control of the future of your relationship, without judgement or taking sides. The counselling offered can lead to improved communication, greater compassion and intimacy”.

Contact Details

Contacting Sean or Rie to discuss your needs is easy. You can either use the email/phone service on the contact page. You can contact Sean direct on: or Skype: seanorfordonline

and Rie on:

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