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Sean Orford – Therapist, Author & Speaker

Happiness is a state of mind that we each create in the world around us. With the right mind set you can achieve anything that you want in your life.

A Brief History of My Time

I was born in London England and, after a difficult childhood, left home at the age of fifteen. My life became a journey of self discovery based on a firm belief in the infinite creativity of human beings, and that if we are positive, and work together, we can create heaven on earth. This has been the guiding light of my life, and my work, in all that I do.

As I travelled I studied with many great teachers, and lived in various communities. I am a teacher of Chi Yoga and meditation, practice eastern and western psychology and Ayurvedic psychotherapy, run many self development and motivational programmes.

Now I use the skills and knowledge I have developed providing therapy and coaching in both the public and private sectors. I practise psychotherapy, coaching, and training, developing individuals, teams, managers, and systems.

My Work as a Psychotherapist

[one_half]I am a fully qualified and accredited psychotherapist, analytical hypnotherapist and a qualified supervisor. Working nationally I provide a psychotherapy service to private individuals and couples, corporate organisations and the public sector.

My therapy is a collaboration between myself and the client or clients.  I have one guiding principle in that I believe that each person has the right and the capability to find fulfilment.  Often, at the outset of therapy this can seem improbable or even impossible.[/one_half]

[one_half_last]My initial training was eastern Ayurvedic.  In western psychotherapy I have studied both cognitive behavioural and psychodynamic therapy and my therapy is a subtle blend of these approaches always working for the needs of the individual client.
As well as individuals and couples I work with staff groups and teams.  In businesses and organisations I work with management to enact change and development, including upsizing downsizing and closure programs.[/one_half_last]

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A Little More About Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is more dynamic than counselling. Counselling, that is often person centred, is great for people who have the time and the money to self actualise at an easy pace. Counselling can be most useful to those who know their problems and are seeking a reflective soundboard to confirm or adapt their strategies.

Psychotherapy goes deeper into the individual and problems at a much quicker pace. It can be directive and may include techniques such as deep relaxation, visualisation and even hypnotherapy or group work. This is ideal for emotional issues such as phobias, addictions, anxiety, panic, post trauma and so on.

The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) define psychotherapy as:

… the provision by qualified practitioners of a formal and professional relationship within which patients/clients can profitably explore difficult, and often painful, emotions and experiences. These may include feelings of anxiety, depression, trauma, or perhaps the loss of meaning of one’s life. It is a process which seeks to help the person gain an increased capacity for choice, through which the individual becomes more autonomous and self determined.

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My Work as an Author and Writer

Writing is a passion of mine. My weekly blog is a great place to learn more about me, the things that interest me and what’s on my mind.

Over the years I have published a number of books on a range of subjects. My most recent (and some may say controversial) was titled Tantra, Sex, Orgasm & Meditation.

To find out more about each book that I’ve written then head over to my Bookstore. Free worldwide delivery is currently available on all soft back titles!


Live in the Present

Live in the Present Ltd is my most recent creation. Together with designer Ed Lamb and my wife Rie Orford a psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural therapist,  we have set up what we think will become something very interesting indeed.

Live in the Present is an educational organisational built for the 21st century. Watch this space for details.[/one_half]


Mindful Managers

I’ve worked with a lot of large companies over the years, with both staff and management. It dawned on me that the most effective way to instigate change is from the top down, rather than the bottom up.

Mindful Managers is in its infancy, but I’m excited about its future. Watch this space for the latest news.[/one_half_last]

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  1. Hi Sean, I was impressed by your talk at the U3A event in Liverpool on 12th Feb. I would be interested to hear any views you may have on the low carb work done by GP David Unwin of Southport https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoCzm9-J_Ok I have found low carb invaluable in magaing my own weight and incipient Type 2 diabetes. Having recently adopted a vegan approach I was also intrigued by your point s about cancer and animal products in diet. I have arthritis and diverticular disease, and am monitoring the impact of vegn eating on inflammation in general. So far, so good, but again the views of people who know stuff are valued. BTW my adult children are ensuring my stress levels are stellar.

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