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New Beginnings Require Endings

Our collective psyche is filled with the idea that one thing follows another; when someone dies and then a baby is born, we see it as an ending and a beginning. We say things like, “when one door closes, another one opens”. The magical idea of endings and beginnings is with us throughout life. In the past, I feel that we were better at marking these rites of passage as we moved from one stage to another in life.

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90 Day Detox

Have you ever wanted to give you a body a good clean, but from the inside? It is rebooting your entire system. A bit like when you turn your laptop off and on again and then defrag the hard drive. Twice a year, autumn and spring I will do a 13 day mini detox. In the thirteen days you progressively go from a full solid diet to three days of fluid and then back up to a full diet again.

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Does Caffeine Make You Anxious?

How often do you visit a coffee shop? These days there seems to be one on every street corner full of people talking and laughing and being very continental.

When you are there, what coffee do you drink? Most importantly how does it make you feel? And, if, for some reason you do not have your coffee hit are you then in withdrawal? Caffeine is a powerful drug. We don’t just get a caffeine hit only from our espresso or skinny latte you will find caffeine in sports drinks, Red Bull etc. It is supposed to give us a boost (or wings), and it does but there can be other emotional side effects as well.

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Couch To 5K

When did you last get your heart rate up?  When did you last get out of breath?

Popular wisdom suggests that we should be doing at least half an hour heart rate raising exercise everyday. There are several reasons for this. Cardio vascular and respiratory health are one. Muscle tone and weight loss is another. Keeping joints and ligaments mobile and loose is another. And, of course, there are the psychological effects of increased endorphins such as serotonin and the subsequent feeling of increased wellbeing. So I ask myself ‘why is it that beyond a little yoga I am not exercising?’

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The Self Help Podcast

The Self Help Podcast

Well it’s here, we have done it.

When I lived on the Isle of Wight, off the south coast of the England, I did a late night phone-in programme on local radio. I was the resident psych and people would ring in with psychological problems and dilemmas to discuss and get help. As I listened to the playbacks it struck me, at the time, how powerful the spoken word can be. Continue reading →

You Are As Young As Your Mind

Book review blog:

I published my first book “The Frog Snogger’s Guide” back in the 1990s. My co-author on the project was Susan Lancaster. Susan, business Coach and author, lives on Vancouver Island overlooking the straits of Georgia in Western Canada.

Her new book ‘Stay Young The Golden years Are The Pits’ is a collection of jottings and musings of personal happenings and events funny, amusing and serious.  They include stories about animals, trips to various places, touching on God, family and friend’s activities, memories, in the kitchen and forgetfulness with lack of focus.

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What would you do with £10,000,000?

We all put a value on events both celebrations and commemorations. The cost of funerals in the UK will vary. On average a good funeral, all in, can be comfortably completed for less that £5000. So £10,000,000 is a lot of money that could do a lot of things for a lot of people. (That would be 2000 funerals by the way)

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Margaret Thatcher – RIP

“I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to my death your right to say it”

“Maggie! Maggie! Maggie! Out! Out! Out!” That chanted demand of the left has been fully and finally met. It’s Monday lunch time and I have just heard the news that Margaret Thatcher has died of a stroke at the age of 87.

I am not a political animal; whether you loved her or hated her you will have an opinion on Margaret Thatcher. I think that most of those that want to be politicians should never be allowed to take office. The egotistical narcissistic disorders of those that seek power should never be underestimated. But in the West we choose to live in a democratic political system and that means that anyone who catches the public attention can achieve power regardless of the morality.

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What does Easter mean for you?

I enjoy Easter, the indulgence, the family meal, our traditional egg hunt, though Easter means much more to me than that. For me it is also about, a time of newness and renewal.

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Mama Mia

It is time to look after our mothers. Well, we all have or had one. Sadly my mother has gone to the big kitchen in the sky. Even so I like to maintain the tradition of celebrating motherhood. Lets face it, if it were not for women the human race would have died out in the early stages of evolution.

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