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Does Caffeine Make You Anxious?

How often do you visit a coffee shop? These days there seems to be one on every street corner full of people talking and laughing and being very continental.

When you are there, what coffee do you drink? Most importantly how does it make you feel? And, if, for some reason you do not have your coffee hit are you then in withdrawal? Caffeine is a powerful drug. We don’t just get a caffeine hit only from our espresso or skinny latte you will find caffeine in sports drinks, Red Bull etc. It is supposed to give us a boost (or wings), and it does but there can be other emotional side effects as well.

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Fifty Shades of Grey

Well, a client walked into my consulting room this week with a copy under her arm. “Another one” I thought and decided that I needed to get a copy for myself. The erotic novel fifty shades of grey at the time of writing this blog has become the fastest adult paperback novel to sell one million print copies. The first time novel by E.L James dubbed “mummy porn” is currently the 32nd best selling book since records began in 1998.

Fifty Shades of Grey traces the erotic relationship between a recent college graduate and a billionaire businessman. Women I hear are reading it in hours and in some cases have read all three books in three days, amazing.

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Anxiety and happiness can never live together

When I am working with clients, I always try to understand how various psychological problems fit into human evolutionary development. The nature of the mind to create phobic reaction to various situations is quite understandable. After all, if we did not respect height, we would have all fallen out of the trees long ago in our evolutionary past and we would have ceased to exist. To be phobic about height is to take that natural respect and view it through an emotional magnifying glass that turns it into an enormous problem.

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What would you not leave home without?

What is it that you ensure that you must have with you everyday? I guess that for most people these days, their mobile phone must be at the top of the list. The things that are most important to us are dependent on what we are doing at that time. Continue reading →

Amy, what have you done?

There is a sadness when anyone dies unnaturally, and the younger they are, the worse it seems. When a loss is related to drugs or alcohol, we often feel that the death was unnecessary and many people can become judgmental and critical of the person that has died.

Such attitudes are often built around prejudice and ignorance. Addictive issues, like many other behaviours, are the symptoms of inner causes, and the idea that addicts should simply ‘pull themselves together’ is misplaced. Continue reading →