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Pay it forward and ensure your fulfilment

Yesterday Rie reminded me of a movie we had watched together, pay it forward. We decided to watch it again because the concept is not only good but it is also real. If you haven’t seen the movie watch this trailer to get the gist.

If we all paid it forward then we would create heaven on earth and immediately overcome all suffering. The idea used in the film is that of multiples of three. So that if one person looks after three and each of these three look after three, more and more people are looked after. In the film the process is done anonymously, no one ever knows that they are being helped.

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Sorting the good feedback from the bad

I am forever telling people, in all walks of life from managers to housewives, to seek feedback from others and to use this information to develop who you want to be. You see my image of me is as biased as your image of me and it could be that you see me more clearly than I do.

We all know people who see themselves as fat when we see them as slim or just right, or the person who sees themselves as horrible or bad when we see them as normal or good. Then there are people who see themselves as generous when we see them as mean.

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Who Moved My Cheese?

Last week saw the birthday of my son Robert, Happy Birthday Robert. Twenty-three is a good age! The issue of what do you buy a twenty-three year old doesn’t really come into play as Robert is a, not so secret, consumer, and so Rie and I took him to the Trafford in Manchester so that he could enjoy spending some dosh.

The Trafford (Centre) is one of those enormous shopping malls that are a world of their own. If you arrive at the Trafford on a midwinter day, with the snow thick on the ground, you would walk into the mall into a controlled temperature closer to the tropics amidst a Grecian, classic design and palm trees, not forgetting an amazing fountain that shoots water about forty feet into the air. Continue reading →

Can you keep faith with a liar?

Well what a week since my last blog! Kate and Will tied the knot, Osama Bin Laden was (we assume) shot, the Liberal Democrats got a severe and powerful canning from the British electorate, and Marks and Spencer failed to deliver my wardrobes for the third time. I was meditating on the events of the last week and I was thinking about the similarity in all these three situations. All involve both truth and faith, let me explain.

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