Think about Sex Day – Valentine’s Day

I love this one. I guess that everyday is a national day for something or the other and now February 14 has been designated the ‘Think about Sex Day’ organised by the Sexual Advice Association.

In Britain we are lousy at talking about sex. When it comes to thinking about it we are not too bad. Statistics suggest that men have around nineteen sexual thoughts a day which is twice as many than women. From my work I think that this might be an under estimate, especially where men are concerned. Some of the men I work with would be having thirteen sexual thoughts an hour, or maybe more.

I have a suggestion that we extend the day and perhaps we could make it ‘Talk About Sex Day’, because the sexual problems that exist between people in a relationship are not really what they think about, it is more about what they talk about, or really what they do not talk about. When did you last talk about sex with your partner?

Or, perhaps we could take it just a little further and make the connection between sex and love. It is not that sex has to be associated with love, it is often connected more to lust, but the idea of Valentine’s day is about love and relationships. We make the connection when we describe sex as ‘making love’.

So, my bid is that we make Valentine’s Day ‘Talk About Sex Day’, and then we might all just get a little closer. And, if in these discussions you raise issues that need to be dealt with get some psychosexual counselling and sort it out. The SAA details are below if you need some advice, or someone to talk to they may help.

Take care and have a good Valentine’s Day

Sean x

The Sexual Advice Associationprovides information and support on all things related to male and female sexual health. They even offer a confidential helpline to respond to queries.

By Sean

My name is Sean Orford. I am a therapist based in the UK, working for a variety of public and private organisations. I am also a speaker, writer and published author. I hope you enjoy my weekly blog. If you'd like to know more then please do get in touch.

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