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90 Day Detox

Have you ever wanted to give you a body a good clean, but from the inside? It is rebooting your entire system. A bit like when you turn your laptop off and on again and then defrag the hard drive. Twice a year, autumn and spring I will do a 13 day mini detox. In the thirteen days you progressively go from a full solid diet to three days of fluid and then back up to a full diet again.

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Does Caffeine Make You Anxious?

How often do you visit a coffee shop? These days there seems to be one on every street corner full of people talking and laughing and being very continental.

When you are there, what coffee do you drink? Most importantly how does it make you feel? And, if, for some reason you do not have your coffee hit are you then in withdrawal? Caffeine is a powerful drug. We don’t just get a caffeine hit only from our espresso or skinny latte you will find caffeine in sports drinks, Red Bull etc. It is supposed to give us a boost (or wings), and it does but there can be other emotional side effects as well.

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New Year Diet – 13 Day Detox Diet

Quite a few people have said they would like to join the detox this New Year and so Ed has put together an updated eBook that you can access via the forms below.

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What happens every time we get a bit of shut eye?

We spend a third of our lives doing it. Napoleon, Florence Nightingale and Margaret Thatcher got by on four hours a night. Thomas Edison claimed it was waste of time.

So why do we sleep and what happens every time we get a bit of shut eye?

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Fifty Shades of Grey

Well, a client walked into my consulting room this week with a copy under her arm. “Another one” I thought and decided that I needed to get a copy for myself. The erotic novel fifty shades of grey at the time of writing this blog has become the fastest adult paperback novel to sell one million print copies. The first time novel by E.L James dubbed “mummy porn” is currently the 32nd best selling book since records began in 1998.

Fifty Shades of Grey traces the erotic relationship between a recent college graduate and a billionaire businessman. Women I hear are reading it in hours and in some cases have read all three books in three days, amazing.

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Think about Sex Day – Valentine’s Day

I love this one. I guess that everyday is a national day for something or the other and now February 14 has been designated the ‘Think about Sex Day’ organised by the Sexual Advice Association.

In Britain we are lousy at talking about sex. When it comes to thinking about it we are not too bad. Statistics suggest that men have around nineteen sexual thoughts a day which is twice as many than women. From my work I think that this might be an under estimate, especially where men are concerned. Some of the men I work with would be having thirteen sexual thoughts an hour, or maybe more.

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Will you be my Valentine?

So what will you be getting your loved one this Valentine’s day?

February 14th is a celebration of love, happiness and relationships. Across the world people will be declaring and reaffirming love for each other in a tradition that goes back thousands of years. These different expressions of love will be as varied as the people who express them. Continue reading →

Sex, Population and Happiness

There are some amazing statistics doing the rounds at the moment. The human race yesterday topped the seven billion mark, wow! That means that every hour 15,347 people are born and 6,418 people die. So the human race increases by 149 people every minute of every day. The doorbell just rang. In the time it took me sort that out, six minutes, and I sat down again, the population has increased by 894. Obviously, the precursor to birth is sex and these statistics show that a lot of people are doing “it”.

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When we take an eye for eye, we all end up blind

I find that I have two very definite selves. The first one is oddly energised and fascinated by the capture and death of Muammar Gaddafi. This part of me needs, in some strange way, to watch the news videos. I find myself fascinated by the end of a man who, apparently, caused so much pain and suffering to so many people. I find myself, kind of ‘rubber necking’, like when I pass a pile-up on the motorway. Then I have a feeling of some sort of internal disgust at my need to be fascinated by it all. It is as though, through the magic window of the television, we all become voyeurs of the most shocking and depraved images, and the same is also true of the internet. Yet these images are real, they did happen and people witnessed them. Strange how the TV can turn them into something that feels more like a Hollywood movie than real life. Continue reading →

Happy Body, Happy Mind!

Here we go again – it’s detox time.

Well, it is the change of the seasons and, as is my custom, both Spring and Autumn are times for a clean out. Many people get into the idea of ‘spring cleaning’; well, I like an autumn clean as well. So each year, I invite all those around me to have a go. The first question people ask me is “why?” Continue reading →