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I’ve written and published a total of five books over the years, all of which are still available to purchase. The theme of each is quite different, but they all have the same goal: to give the reader a better understanding of themselves.

All are available in softback (with free UK delivery) and my two most recently published, Waking Up and Tantra, Sex Orgasm & Meditation are available in digital format via the wonderful Amazon Kindle Store. This means you can have my books on your PC, phone, tablet or Kindle. Wonderful.

More books are on the way, so be sure to sign up to my newsletter list if you want to be notified when they’re ready. In the meantime have a look below at a brief description of each title and, of course, feel free to visit the shop and buy a copy or two!

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Waking Up
(is Hard
to Do)

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This easy to read book explains how we each evolve as people and how we can learn more about ourselves and what we can achieve. It takes us on to the next part of our journey of waking to our full potential and explains clearly how and why people are different.

Using an Ayurvedic model Sean explains the stages of human consciousness and how they evolve.

This books looks at the fundamental of “Who am I?”, “How did I get like it?” and “What can I do about it?”. It takes us one step nearer to answering the big question …

“How can I achieve what I really, really want”

Waking Up is an ideal read for all those interested in self development and self discovery.

The Frog-Snogger’s

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A guide to getting on with toads. We all have to get on with people we don’t instinctively like – bosses, colleagues, customers, mothers-in-law, sons-in-law… the list is endless. However slimy and unappealing they may be, we have to find a way to get through to them.

The Frog Snogger’s Guide is a guide to overcoming initial aversion and forming a constructive bond or rapport with the many frogs and toads we need to get on with to progress our own ambitions or aspirations.

What Colour Is Your Knicker Elastic?

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This is the second book in the ‘Frog Snoggers’ series. The first dealt directly with those issues around developing relationships with those you dislike but need to get along with to achieve your aims and objectives.

This second book deals with the true nature of what relationships are, how they differ, develop and change and finally what happens when a relationship comes to an end.

That in
my Attic?

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This is the third book in the ‘Frog Snoggers’ series, following on from issues around developing relationships with those you dislike and the true nature of what relationships are. This third book takes a critical look at the emotional and mental rubbish that we accumulate through our lives.

How does this ‘attic’ full of stuff affect and inhibit our potential fulfillment and happiness? It also shows how to identify those gems that have been stored away, that could be worthy of a trip to an antiques road show.

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