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What would you do with £10,000,000?

We all put a value on events both celebrations and commemorations. The cost of funerals in the UK will vary. On average a good funeral, all in, can be comfortably completed for less that £5000. So £10,000,000 is a lot of money that could do a lot of things for a lot of people. (That would be 2000 funerals by the way)

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What does Easter mean for you?

I enjoy Easter, the indulgence, the family meal, our traditional egg hunt, though Easter means much more to me than that. For me it is also about, a time of newness and renewal.

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Christmas for some is a time for reflection and endings…..

As we approach the end of the year I am always struck by the amount of people facing their first Christmas without someone that they love. The idea that Christmas is a happy time full of good cheer is partly true but not for everyone. This year is profound for me as three figures from my past have all recently died.

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Think about Sex Day – Valentine’s Day

I love this one. I guess that everyday is a national day for something or the other and now February 14 has been designated the ‘Think about Sex Day’ organised by the Sexual Advice Association.

In Britain we are lousy at talking about sex. When it comes to thinking about it we are not too bad. Statistics suggest that men have around nineteen sexual thoughts a day which is twice as many than women. From my work I think that this might be an under estimate, especially where men are concerned. Some of the men I work with would be having thirteen sexual thoughts an hour, or maybe more.

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Will you be my Valentine?

So what will you be getting your loved one this Valentine’s day?

February 14th is a celebration of love, happiness and relationships. Across the world people will be declaring and reaffirming love for each other in a tradition that goes back thousands of years. These different expressions of love will be as varied as the people who express them. Continue reading →

Goodnight Steve

Sadness and gladness sometimes can run together.  Sadly, Steve Jobs has taken his leave and left the party early, yet he leaves such a strong and powerful legacy, and what a wonderful legacy it is.

I wonder how many houses in the world contain an Apple device, or iTunes systems?

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