The Self Help Podcast

Well it’s here, we have done it. When I lived on the Isle of Wight, off the south coast of the England, I did a late night phone-in programme on local radio. I was the resident psych and people would ring in with psychological problems and dilemmas to discuss and get help. As I listened… Continue reading The Self Help Podcast

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Do you like Monday’s?

The other day I put up a thought on Facebook suggesting that if you were happier on Friday than you are on Monday then you are probably in the wrong job. It was Thursday and I was seeing people in the consulting room and as it was approaching the end of the week the common… Continue reading Do you like Monday’s?

Breaking Silence

Hi, it has been a while since I entered the blogosphere and I have started getting emails saying “where are you?” Well, I haven’t been anywhere, perhaps I have been away in my head, but not in my body. Rie has been away on a silent vipassana meditation retreat for a couple of weeks and I… Continue reading Breaking Silence

Anxiety and happiness can never live together

When I am working with clients, I always try to understand how various psychological problems fit into human evolutionary development. The nature of the mind to create phobic reaction to various situations is quite understandable. After all, if we did not respect height, we would have all fallen out of the trees long ago in… Continue reading Anxiety and happiness can never live together