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Happiness makes you live longer

I was shocked recently when Kevin, a friend of mine, died. As he was only one year older than I am, it was a bit of a wake-up call. He was a positive, clean-living soul who, in the fairness of life, should have lived forever. It made me wonder about the people that I do know who are miserable, moaning people, who seem to live forever.  Continue reading →

Amy, what have you done?

There is a sadness when anyone dies unnaturally, and the younger they are, the worse it seems. When a loss is related to drugs or alcohol, we often feel that the death was unnecessary and many people can become judgmental and critical of the person that has died.

Such attitudes are often built around prejudice and ignorance. Addictive issues, like many other behaviours, are the symptoms of inner causes, and the idea that addicts should simply ‘pull themselves together’ is misplaced. Continue reading →

Happiness is infectious; it might become an epidemic!

It seems that leaders across the world are now deciding to tell us that happiness is a state of mind, and of course it is. Bhutan is thought of as a place where happiness is described as their “gross domestic product“. This is a level of enlightenment that the rest of us can only observe with envy (or discount as nonsense).

All that we now know about the brain and neuroscience tells us that this idea is really on the money, and that we all do create our own experience, in the sense that we do have choices as to how we respond to any event in life. It is hard to decide whether the political drive behind publishing such an idea as happiness for all is real concern for our welfare or a way of making the difficult decisions about economic cuts more palatable. Continue reading →