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What would you do with £10,000,000?

We all put a value on events both celebrations and commemorations. The cost of funerals in the UK will vary. On average a good funeral, all in, can be comfortably completed for less that £5000. So £10,000,000 is a lot of money that could do a lot of things for a lot of people. (That would be 2000 funerals by the way)

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What does Easter mean for you?

I enjoy Easter, the indulgence, the family meal, our traditional egg hunt, though Easter means much more to me than that. For me it is also about, a time of newness and renewal.

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Breaking Silence

Hi, it has been a while since I entered the blogosphere and I have started getting emails saying “where are you?” Well, I haven’t been anywhere, perhaps I have been away in my head, but not in my body. Rie has been away on a silent vipassana meditation retreat for a couple of weeks and I have joined her in spirit. It is funny how when we live in silence we often see the meaninglessness of sound. The world that we live in is full of noise. In my silent time I question ‘why?’

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When we take an eye for eye, we all end up blind

I find that I have two very definite selves. The first one is oddly energised and fascinated by the capture and death of Muammar Gaddafi. This part of me needs, in some strange way, to watch the news videos. I find myself fascinated by the end of a man who, apparently, caused so much pain and suffering to so many people. I find myself, kind of ‘rubber necking’, like when I pass a pile-up on the motorway. Then I have a feeling of some sort of internal disgust at my need to be fascinated by it all. It is as though, through the magic window of the television, we all become voyeurs of the most shocking and depraved images, and the same is also true of the internet. Yet these images are real, they did happen and people witnessed them. Strange how the TV can turn them into something that feels more like a Hollywood movie than real life. Continue reading →


Celebration and gratitude go hand in hand and one without the other never works. When people talk about the law of attraction, that acknowledges that what we think about we bring about, states clearly that feelings of gratitude lead to an ever more positive experience and that by being grateful we can attract more of those good feelings to our self. It follows that if we live with ingratitude we attract as much misery as we desire. The universe has a bottomless well of misery just as it has a bottomless well of happiness. It is you who chooses which you will drink from.

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