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What would you do with £10,000,000?

We all put a value on events both celebrations and commemorations. The cost of funerals in the UK will vary. On average a good funeral, all in, can be comfortably completed for less that £5000. So £10,000,000 is a lot of money that could do a lot of things for a lot of people. (That would be 2000 funerals by the way)

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Do you like Monday’s?

The other day I put up a thought on Facebook suggesting that if you were happier on Friday than you are on Monday then you are probably in the wrong job. It was Thursday and I was seeing people in the consulting room and as it was approaching the end of the week the common theme was “good, it will soon be Friday”. This, as you can probably realise is a common point of view that matches a dislike of Mondays, but why is this?

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Goodnight Steve

Sadness and gladness sometimes can run together.  Sadly, Steve Jobs has taken his leave and left the party early, yet he leaves such a strong and powerful legacy, and what a wonderful legacy it is.

I wonder how many houses in the world contain an Apple device, or iTunes systems?

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Who Moved My Cheese?

Last week saw the birthday of my son Robert, Happy Birthday Robert. Twenty-three is a good age! The issue of what do you buy a twenty-three year old doesn’t really come into play as Robert is a, not so secret, consumer, and so Rie and I took him to the Trafford in Manchester so that he could enjoy spending some dosh.

The Trafford (Centre) is one of those enormous shopping malls that are a world of their own. If you arrive at the Trafford on a midwinter day, with the snow thick on the ground, you would walk into the mall into a controlled temperature closer to the tropics amidst a Grecian, classic design and palm trees, not forgetting an amazing fountain that shoots water about forty feet into the air. Continue reading →

What would you do with £154,000,000?

The issue of money comes up a lot in the work that I do. In the UK, as a part of the EuroMillions Lottery, we have just had the bumper prize fund. What a lot of money!

On my travels, I ended up in a monastery on a course in self-development entitled, “The Life That I Could Live”. The route that had taken me there was a dark one and I was attending it as part of my attempt to discover the answer to life, the universe and everything, motivated mainly by my ongoing depression about my childhood, and my life up to that point. Continue reading →