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The Answer Lies Within

It is time to be with the cow.

You may recall a blog back in the eons of time in which I told the story of how my teacher sent me to spend the day in a field with a cow. It was a long and a hot day , filled with many one sided conversations. During which I spoke in animated ways with the cows who gazed at me with lovely doe eyes and simply chewed the cud with the resigned patience of someone who has been given charge of a mad human to look after.

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Why Meditate? Part 3 – Focus

Have you ever used a garden hose? If not go and find one after you have read this blog.

When you water your garden or wash your car with a garden hose you can turn the end nozzle to vary the way that the water flows from the end. If you close it down the beam of water become tighter and more concentrated until it is like a single line directing all of its power onto one spot. If you reverse the process and open the nozzle the bean of water becomes wider and wider. The more you open it the wider the beam until it becomes like a fountain with water splashing everywhere.

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Why Meditate? Part 2 – Stress

Are You Stressed?

Stress is a modern buzz word and although stress is real people often use the word to mean that they are busy, perhaps even very busy. It is rather like when people describe a common cold as ‘the flu’. But, it is true that stress is real and the more that we know about how our bodies, brains and minds work the idea of stress related disease is now common place. We all know someone who has been affected by stress.

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Why Meditate? Part 1 – Silence

My wife, Rie, recently completed ten days of silence on a Vipassana meditation retreat. Upon her return she was met with a variety of responses.

There were those that saw her as a hero who had survived some great ordeal, those that saw her as an idiot and were in total disbelief as to why anyone would want to do such a thing, and those that nodded with knowing and understanding. This question that comes up again and again is “why meditate?”

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