Goodnight Steve

Sadness and gladness sometimes can run together.  Sadly, Steve Jobs has taken his leave and left the party early, yet he leaves such a strong and powerful legacy, and what a wonderful legacy it is.

I wonder how many houses in the world contain an Apple device, or iTunes systems?

I can remember the early Apple computers. The first one that I ever used spoke DOS. Then came that first glimpse of Windows-based ideas and the wonders of WYSIWYG. We had one system that was like a box with a screen, but that box had style, and more style than anything else around.

As the innovative designs grew, one after another, the world’s experience of media, computing, and digital communication changed forever. Beyond the magic inside the device, and it always is magical, there is the device itself, the design and the look. Apple devices had style and substance.

For me, holding an Apple device feels like I am holding something of class, quality, durability, innovation and style.

Thanks Steve, you changed my life.  Sleep well, rest in peace.

Sean x

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By Sean

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