Margaret Thatcher – RIP

“I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to my death your right to say it”

“Maggie! Maggie! Maggie! Out! Out! Out!” That chanted demand of the left has been fully and finally met. It’s Monday lunch time and I have just heard the news that Margaret Thatcher has died of a stroke at the age of 87.

I am not a political animal; whether you loved her or hated her you will have an opinion on Margaret Thatcher. I think that most of those that want to be politicians should never be allowed to take office. The egotistical narcissistic disorders of those that seek power should never be underestimated. But in the West we choose to live in a democratic political system and that means that anyone who catches the public attention can achieve power regardless of the morality.

In my clinics throughout the many Thatcher years I dealt with thousands of clients whose lives were damaged and destroyed by her polices. The legacy of that time for me is one of selfishness, self-interest, and gross insensitivity. The Yuppie, I, me, my culture, the death of British manufacturing and the loss of community.

Sad to say those that followed were no better. Tony Blair, was for me, Maggie Thatcher in drag, she once quipped that her greatest legacy was Tony Blair, and her prodigy did not let her down. Our current Prime Minister shows all the insensitivity that creates class divide between the ‘have & have not’ culture that the welfare state sought to eliminate. The current recession that is affecting us all is a result of the capitalist banking sector not the socialist unions.

Above all I believe in democracy and I may not agree with the policies of those that need to be in power, but I will do what I can to defend the system that we have. In the end the real power is with the people if we choose to use it. Those that exercise power only do so because the people allow them to do so. Maggie Thatcher had to face this when the ‘Poll Tax’ had to be withdrawn.

We only stay sane through forgiveness and so I forgive her and all of the other negative power seekers that seek to be leaders past and present.

I choose to remember Maggie as the spitting image mask that makes me smile and where ever she is, I wish her well.

Take care, live in the present

Sean x


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