Eat Drink But Stop and Think

What is it all about?

Now at this time of celebration let the eating and the drinking begin. The time to celebrate and give gifts to those that we care about is upon us, though the way that we celebrate it will vary. For some it will have been the pagan festival of Yule on December 21st, for some Christmas Day on December 25, for others the festival of giving is on January 6th, the twelfth night, when the Wise Men were said to bring their gifts to Jesus.

However you approach this festival at this time of year, it is the symbol of the end of darkness and the beginning of light. It is the end of what was and the beginning of what will be. As the darkness of winter begins to fade we can look forward, once again, to the light of spring and the warmth of summer.

This time of year has been used throughout human history as a symbolic spiritual or psychological moment when we can, if we wish to, choose to let go of what has been and actively engage in what will be. In letting go of the past, we are able to live in the present and then we are able to create the world that we want to be in.

So, before you plunge into the merriment of your festival, stop and consider just what it is that your letting go of, and then consider what it is that you are looking forward to? Just remember that the things that we fail to let go of, we then have to carry like a burden. Often it is the weight of the past that stops us enjoying the moment and creating the future.

Most of all this time is about forgiveness, letting go and, creating what happens next.

Have a wonderful festival and look forward to the light to come

Take care and live in the present

Sean x

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By Sean

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