Happy Chinese New Year – The Year of the Dragon

Today is New Year in the Chinese system, it will mark the beginning of the one year in 12 presided over by a mythical creature – the dragon.

To the western mind, the dragon was always something to be feared, the fear of dragons living at the edge of the world, “there be dragons”.   Though the medieval knight, as a hero, would seek to fight the dragon as an honour.  This was as a moral victory, often set in a spiritual journey to spiritual perfection.  The myth was that of the knight slaying a dragon to save a maiden.  In psychology we would often use phrases such as “facing your dragons” as clients come to terms with their fears and phobias.  St George, the patron saint of England, was the quintessential hero and dragon slayer.

In Chinese folklore the dragon is respected and revered, honoured for bringing luck, success and ambition to those under its influence. As such, it is one of the most auspicious of the zodiac signs.  Related to leadership and success, bringing a dynamic year of energy.

The previous year 2011, was the year of the rabbit.  This was meant to be a calm and placid time, though I am not so sure that many of the workers in Britain, and around the world suffering the effects of financial meltdown, would agree with this.   The years of the dragon are said to be packed with energy, power and punch.  So, look out.  If the changes that have occurred during the reign of the rabbit could be so disruptive what can we expect from the dragon?

Well, if you focus on the negative the year of the dragon could be filled be apprehension and anxiety, fear and problems.  Alternatively, it could be a dynamic year of opportunity and good fortune.  A year when you could begin new projects, develop new ideas, and create success and happiness and a lasting future.

In the Chinese system dragon years bring good luck, and babies born under the dragon are said to possess great strength and leadership qualities.   In China, dragon years, are seen as auspicious.  Birth rates increase during dragon years.

Martin Luther King is a perfect example of a successful Dragon, who was a powerful leader with a powerful vision.  Other dragons include Rhianna, Orlando Bloom, Al Pacino, Rupert Grint (Ron from Harry Potter) and not forgetting Robert Orford!.

Loyalty is also a key trait of dragons, which is probably why they make excellent spouses. However, don’t expect your dragon to be too sentimental or romantic, their self determination might just leave you in the shade.

So, whatever your plans for this year why not make success one of them.

Take care

Sean x


By Sean

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