About Sean Orford

Happiness is a state of mind that we each create in the world around us. With the right mind set you can achieve anything that you want in your life.

I was born in London England and, after a difficult childhood, left home at the age of fifteen. My life became a journey of self discovery based on a firm belief in the infinite creativity of human beings, and that if we are positive, and work together, we can create heaven on earth. This has been the guiding light of my life, and my work, in all that I do.

As I travelled I studied with many great teachers, and lived in various communities. I am a teacher of Chi Yoga and meditation, practice eastern and western psychology and Ayurvedic psychotherapy, run many self development and motivational programmes.

Now I use the skills and knowledge I have developed providing therapy and coaching in both the public and private sectors. I practise psychotherapy, coaching, and training, developing individuals, teams, managers, and systems.