Goodnight Gary Speed

It is hard to imagine why anyone would decide to end up in the situation where they would take their own life, and create the ultimate full stop in their life script. In my experience it mainly happens when the pain exceeds resources for coping with the pain.

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Thanksgiving in an Abundant World

Winter is not my favourite time of year. I don’t suffer from SAD, beyond the general feelings that we all get from the drop in sunlight, and the reduction in Serotonin production, common to us all. I just do not like feeling cold. Tee shirt, shorts and a pair of sandals and I’m fine. Rie likes the cold dark nights, log fires and soft sofas which all lead to a preparation for Christmas and “chestnuts roasting on an open fire…” I find the idea of Christmas lunch on a warm beach very attractive.

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Log onto the C-Cloud and attract some happiness

Every morning, when I wake, I log in to the consciousness cloud. This is my way of connecting with the positive consciousness of the universe. I have my logging on affirmation. When I wake, I close my eyes again and relax, then I boot up the system. I say, in my head or Rie would really think I had lost the plot, “Morning Universe. I am logging on, my username is Happiness, my password is Gratitude.” Then I go to the folder named, “I am so happy and grateful now that…” to access my affirmation file which I then play…

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Who will you be kind to today?

Sunday is kindness day. The idea that we could or should be kind to each other surely seems very obvious to any thinking person. It is therefore strange that we have come to a point when we need to make this a sharable concept, and create a day to make us aware of it. It also seems very poignant that this Sunday is also Remembrance Sunday, certainly a day when we should consider the values of kindness.

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Anxiety and happiness can never live together

When I am working with clients, I always try to understand how various psychological problems fit into human evolutionary development. The nature of the mind to create phobic reaction to various situations is quite understandable. After all, if we did not respect height, we would have all fallen out of the trees long ago in our evolutionary past and we would have ceased to exist. To be phobic about height is to take that natural respect and view it through an emotional magnifying glass that turns it into an enormous problem.

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Sex, Population and Happiness

There are some amazing statistics doing the rounds at the moment. The human race yesterday topped the seven billion mark, wow! That means that every hour 15,347 people are born and 6,418 people die. So the human race increases by 149 people every minute of every day. The doorbell just rang. In the time it took me sort that out, six minutes, and I sat down again, the population has increased by 894. Obviously, the precursor to birth is sex and these statistics show that a lot of people are doing “it”.

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When we take an eye for eye, we all end up blind

I find that I have two very definite selves. The first one is oddly energised and fascinated by the capture and death of Muammar Gaddafi. This part of me needs, in some strange way, to watch the news videos. I find myself fascinated by the end of a man who, apparently, caused so much pain and suffering to so many people. I find myself, kind of ‘rubber necking’, like when I pass a pile-up on the motorway. Then I have a feeling of some sort of internal disgust at my need to be fascinated by it all. It is as though, through the magic window of the television, we all become voyeurs of the most shocking and depraved images, and the same is also true of the internet. Yet these images are real, they did happen and people witnessed them. Strange how the TV can turn them into something that feels more like a Hollywood movie than real life. Continue reading →

Goodnight Steve

Sadness and gladness sometimes can run together.  Sadly, Steve Jobs has taken his leave and left the party early, yet he leaves such a strong and powerful legacy, and what a wonderful legacy it is.

I wonder how many houses in the world contain an Apple device, or iTunes systems?

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Happiness makes you live longer

I was shocked recently when Kevin, a friend of mine, died. As he was only one year older than I am, it was a bit of a wake-up call. He was a positive, clean-living soul who, in the fairness of life, should have lived forever. It made me wonder about the people that I do know who are miserable, moaning people, who seem to live forever.  Continue reading →

Happy Body, Happy Mind!

Here we go again – it’s detox time.

Well, it is the change of the seasons and, as is my custom, both Spring and Autumn are times for a clean out. Many people get into the idea of ‘spring cleaning’; well, I like an autumn clean as well. So each year, I invite all those around me to have a go. The first question people ask me is “why?” Continue reading →