Pay it forward and ensure your fulfilment

Yesterday Rie reminded me of a movie we had watched together, pay it forward. We decided to watch it again because the concept is not only good but it is also real. If you haven’t seen the movie watch this trailer to get the gist.

If we all paid it forward then we would create heaven on earth and immediately overcome all suffering. The idea used in the film is that of multiples of three. So that if one person looks after three and each of these three look after three, more and more people are looked after. In the film the process is done anonymously, no one ever knows that they are being helped.

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Sorting the good feedback from the bad

I am forever telling people, in all walks of life from managers to housewives, to seek feedback from others and to use this information to develop who you want to be. You see my image of me is as biased as your image of me and it could be that you see me more clearly than I do.

We all know people who see themselves as fat when we see them as slim or just right, or the person who sees themselves as horrible or bad when we see them as normal or good. Then there are people who see themselves as generous when we see them as mean.

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A Two Week Experiment in Happiness

What does it take to make you happy?

I have been away from the world for my ten day silent meditation retreat. That for me created a wonderful sense of happiness and joy, quite euphoric really. The silence of ten days begins with apprehension, moves to fascinated interest, and then the real work begins as the past rushes out of the cupboard of the mind as everything that has ever been avoided demands attention. Eventually the storm passes and the ability to sit in silence at peace finally arrives. Recommend it to anyone and everyone take a look, Vipassana.

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Deep mind diving

Well today is Wednesday and I am perched on the diving board getting ready to jump into my mind. I decided that I would need to finish off some work before I go, so I visited one of the factories, I have seen a couple of clients and then Rie picked me up, car loaded with my camping gear and we were off to Vipassana Lancashire for my ten day boot camp.

For the next ten days it will be up at 4am to begin the days meditation and on through the day with one hour and two hour meditations until 9.00pm. The day is guided and support is there, but from the outset it is a world of silence and stillness so that although there are over one hundred people, there is no conversation and no distraction from your inner voice.

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The Answer Lies Within

It is time to be with the cow.

You may recall a blog back in the eons of time in which I told the story of how my teacher sent me to spend the day in a field with a cow. It was a long and a hot day , filled with many one sided conversations. During which I spoke in animated ways with the cows who gazed at me with lovely doe eyes and simply chewed the cud with the resigned patience of someone who has been given charge of a mad human to look after.

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Fifty Shades of Grey

Well, a client walked into my consulting room this week with a copy under her arm. “Another one” I thought and decided that I needed to get a copy for myself. The erotic novel fifty shades of grey at the time of writing this blog has become the fastest adult paperback novel to sell one million print copies. The first time novel by E.L James dubbed “mummy porn” is currently the 32nd best selling book since records began in 1998.

Fifty Shades of Grey traces the erotic relationship between a recent college graduate and a billionaire businessman. Women I hear are reading it in hours and in some cases have read all three books in three days, amazing.

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Why Meditate 4 – Breathing

There are two words in the English language that make me smile. The first is ‘Inspiration’ that we use to mean when we get that flash of genius that solves a problem or creates a wonderful work of art or a scientific breakthrough and so on. The second is ‘Respiration” that we use to describe both the process and product of breathing. I smile because when any of us use these words, even the most committed atheist among us, we are really talking about spirit.

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Why Meditate? Part 3 – Focus

Have you ever used a garden hose? If not go and find one after you have read this blog.

When you water your garden or wash your car with a garden hose you can turn the end nozzle to vary the way that the water flows from the end. If you close it down the beam of water become tighter and more concentrated until it is like a single line directing all of its power onto one spot. If you reverse the process and open the nozzle the bean of water becomes wider and wider. The more you open it the wider the beam until it becomes like a fountain with water splashing everywhere.

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Why Meditate? Part 2 – Stress

Are You Stressed?

Stress is a modern buzz word and although stress is real people often use the word to mean that they are busy, perhaps even very busy. It is rather like when people describe a common cold as ‘the flu’. But, it is true that stress is real and the more that we know about how our bodies, brains and minds work the idea of stress related disease is now common place. We all know someone who has been affected by stress.

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Why Meditate? Part 1 – Silence

My wife, Rie, recently completed ten days of silence on a Vipassana meditation retreat. Upon her return she was met with a variety of responses.

There were those that saw her as a hero who had survived some great ordeal, those that saw her as an idiot and were in total disbelief as to why anyone would want to do such a thing, and those that nodded with knowing and understanding. This question that comes up again and again is “why meditate?”

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