St Val. is Here Again

Who will you be showing love to this year? There are plenty of people that need it. We all tend to see St Valentines day as a time for the expression of romantic love, and for many it is. I have a another idea. In a world that is full of consumerism and recession there… Continue reading St Val. is Here Again

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New Year Diet – 13 Day Detox Diet

Quite a few people have said they would like to join the detox this New Year and so Ed has put together an updated eBook that you can access via the forms below.

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Eat, drink but don’t forget yourself

Where do you come on your list? I bet you have been making lists of all things that you need to do, get, or get done before the big day, most of us do. What I was wondering is, where are you on your list?

Christmas for some is a time for reflection and endings…..

As we approach the end of the year I am always struck by the amount of people facing their first Christmas without someone that they love. The idea that Christmas is a happy time full of good cheer is partly true but not for everyone. This year is profound for me as three figures from… Continue reading Christmas for some is a time for reflection and endings…..

Happy Thanksgiving

What will you be doing this Thanksgiving? In a world of gratitude this is the best time of year. A time of mellow fruitfulness and harvest festivals. The barns are filled with food and we relax into the warm fire glow of dark cosy evenings. This was always the time of story telling and craft… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving

What happens every time we get a bit of shut eye?

We spend a third of our lives doing it. Napoleon, Florence Nightingale and Margaret Thatcher got by on four hours a night. Thomas Edison claimed it was waste of time. So why do we sleep and what happens every time we get a bit of shut eye?

Do you like Monday’s?

The other day I put up a thought on Facebook suggesting that if you were happier on Friday than you are on Monday then you are probably in the wrong job. It was Thursday and I was seeing people in the consulting room and as it was approaching the end of the week the common… Continue reading Do you like Monday’s?